It is essential for any school to use highly technological tools irrespective of what kind of school it is or the level it is functioning. And one such technical tool is a School ERP system. Most of the schools and other educational institutions these days implement these systems to ensure efficient management of the school, which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. 

In addition to that, the school administration also wants to provide overall good working and learning experience to its teachers and students, respectively, which is facilitated by a highly efficient school ERP system. It should be noted that not only teachers and students but parents also like some of the features that School ERP offers. 

In this article, we will let you know why parents like a school ERP system


Why Parents Love School ERP System 


  • Convenient Enrollment


One of the best features of School ERP Application liked by the parents is the convenience it offers for getting admission into the school or any other educational institution. These days school ERP system of most of the schools enables parents to enroll their children into the school for the coming academic year. The School ERP system consists of entrance exams or tests as well as online registration forms.  


  • Online Attendance Of Students


The school ERP software also facilitates the online attendance of the students who are present in the class. This feature is beneficial to the students and parents alike. The ERP system for the school is designed in such a way that it enables all the important stakeholders of the child education that are teachers, school administration, and the parents to view the attendance records and track the same if need be. 

And most importantly, parents can check if their kids are attending the school on time and regularly or not. The best part about this feature is that the parents get to track the attendance of their kids on a real-time basis. 


  • Fee Management


One of the other most helpful features that school ERP software offers is that it always keeps the parents updated about the latest information regarding the fees that they need to pay for their children. 

The parents can easily view the updated fee plans and thus stay well informed as far as this crucial aspect of their child’s education. 


  • Ease Of Communication With Teachers 


For most of the parents out there, it gets difficult to have communication with teachers in regards to the academic and co-curricular performance of their kids. However, in an online school ERP system, parents can conveniently track the progress of their kids and get in touch with their teachers to discuss the same in detail. 


  • School Annual Calendar


These school ERP systems are also equipped with annual school calendars, from where the parents get complete information as to how the entire academic year has been structured and planned. 

The annual school calendar gives information regarding various holidays, events, assignments, and exam schedules. 


  • Scheduling Parents Teachers Meetings 


The parent-teacher meetings play a crucial role in facilitating the communication process between the parents and the teachers. Additionally, they also play an essential role in ensuring a positive parent-teacher relationship. 

This application provides constant information regarding these meetings. This helps parents to be prepared to attend the meetings. 


  • Gives Access To Online Report Cards 


Each and every parent out there wants to be well informed about the performance of their kids in various tests, examinations, and the assignments given to them in that particular academic year. And the best way to know about the same is through the progress reports.

The school ERP system ensures that parents no longer have to wait for the annual report card day to know how well their kids have done. Instead, they will be updated from time to time. 


  • Real-Time Bus Tracking


It is very crucial for the security of the young children that the parents are well informed regarding the whereabouts of their children. The real-time bus tracking is an essential aspect of student security. 

This implies for all the trips the students make to the school and back along with various school trips and picnics that they take part in during the academic year. 

The online school ERP system helps parents to get detailed information about the route of the bus that is taking their kids to school or picnic destinations and bringing them back as well. In addition to that, the parents get notified whenever their child boards the bus or gets off the bus. 

If you, too, want the parents to have a positive relationship with the school administration, management as well as the teachers, then you must implement an efficient School ERP System right away. 

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