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G2 Circle is a Website Development Company in Bangalore India specializes in designing creative websites and responsive websites that are compatible with all the modern devices.G2 Circle collaborates with you to transform your dreams into reality, thereby providing you custom web designing solutions for unique digital requirements of your business.  

Why your Business should have a Website

Enlisted below are some of the reasons why your business should have a website,



The website not only provides the information your customers are looking for but also adds to the credibility of your business. With proper planning and creatively designing a responsive website that fulfills the requirements of your customers will create a professional image in the minds of the customers. Website Designing Services.



The website cost may differ according to your requirements, however, the cost of developing a professional website is worth investing in. In addition to that when one considers the potential market you can reach with a website, creating a creative, responsive and professional website seems to be a very cost-effective way of promoting your business. 


Customers are Well Informed

A website serves as an online brochure or catalog that can be updated from time to time. Website is the easiest and the quickest way of informing your potential customers about your products, services, events, promotions, and schemes on your website then it is with a physical brochure or catalog.


Offers Accessbility

Websites make your products and services accessible to your potential customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unlike your brick and mortar physical store. Additionally, the interactive features and add-ons to facilitate the visitors of your website to contact you, sign up, schedule appointments or even purchase your services. 

time efficient

Time Efficient

A professionally designed website saves your time by providing means through which you can share the information with your customers through online means like graphics, video, ebooks, etc. Website Designing Services.


Improves Customer Service

A website enables you to provide value-added services and best customer support to your clients. This ensures that your customers keep coming back when they need your products or services.

About Our Expert Website Designing and Development team 

G2 Circle is a web development company in Bangalore India, has a team of expert dedicated website developers and designers, who have experience of more than ten years in creating engaging and responsive websites for businesses, companies, and startups. 

Our creative team of website designers and developers collaborates with you to understand your business requirements, competitors and the overall marketplace after which it engages in the development of creative website development and designing strategies that helps you to create your unique Website Designing Services

Our experienced team of web developers strives to enhance your outcomes from clicks to sales while maintaining the functionality and security of the website.

Website Designing and Development team

Why G2 Circle For Web Designing Services in Bangalore India

Website Designing Services in Bangalore India

As a Web Development company in India, we understand that a good website is a requisite for making a good online presence to engage customers. Engaging online experiences begin with a creative yet professional website. Therefore, a website is not merely a virtual representation of your company profile. Rather, it reflects the objectives and goals of your business. 

We strive to deliver the Website Development services in Bangalore India and across the world. Enlisted below are all the reasons why you should collaborate with us,  

  • We employ the latest technology and innovations to provide you high-quality web development services, which are customized according to the requirements of your business.
  • We have a team of expert website developers and designers who have experience of more than 10 years in the field of brand promotion. 
  • We have worked on more than 300 projects in the last 5 years. 

Customized Web Development Services For Your Business 

G2 Circle, one of the top web development companies in India builds responsive and search engine optimized websites that are customized according to the requirements of your business. 

Website Ecommerce

Website Design For E-commerce Business

We understand that as an ecommerce business owner your goal is to not only retain customers but also convert the visitors of your site into customers. We collaborate with you to build SEO optimised online store through our innovative strategies using latest frameworks and platforms. 

website design

Website Design For Small Business

We provide an extensive range of services that help you to build websites for the startup or your small business. Our website development services are designed to help your business connect with your potential customers and thereby establish itself in today’s competitive marketplace. 

Website Design For Corporate Business

We provide custom website development services to large corporate businesses. Our team of expert website developers design and develop a user friendly, well optimised website taking into consideration specific requirements of your business. 

How our Web Designing Services will help you

  • We collaborate with you throughout the process of website development and Web designing Services in Bangalore India
  • We facilitate a unique online presence for your business by creating a unique website development strategy. 
  • We provide custom website development services according to the requirements of your business. 

We Follow The Latest Trends In Website Development To Provide You Best Website Development Services

Latest trends in website development
  • Parallax Effect

  • Canvas Animation

  • Single Page Websites

  • Progressive Web Applications 

  • Ultra Minimalism 

How we work 

This is how we design a website for your company or startup, 

Gathering Information

Gathering Information

Our team of expert web developers and designers, understand the requirements of your business. Your vision and goals in regards to the development of the website. 

site map

Creating a Site Map

We collaborate with you to create a plan for your website, which is known as the site map. The site map consists of the main topic and subtopic areas of the website areas of the site, which serves as a website development guide. 

website design

Website Designing 

During this phase, we develop the look and feel of your website. In this website designing phase elements like company logo and theme, colors are included which gives a unique identity to your website. 

Website Development

During this developmental phase, we develop the actual functional website, by using all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype. The elements like interactive contact forms and e-commerce shopping carts are also incorporated. 


During this phase, we check complete functionality and compatibility of the developed website thereby ensuring that your website is properly optimized. 

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If you are looking for a website developing services provider then we are here for you. We ensure you the best quality web designing and development services at reasonable prices. 


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