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There is so much software available out there, thus selecting and adapting to the ideal software that fulfills all your requirements demands that you should have thorough knowledge about the variety of software available.

we will be discussing School ERP SoftwareERP Software for Schools and how it can benefit your school.

School ERP Software

About G2 OpenBook – School ERP

G2 OpenBook is a communication and networking tool that aims at making life easier in running a school. School ERP App The important stakeholders being focused upon are The Principal, Teachers, Admin, and Parents, wherein all of them are seamlessly connected to build an integrated learning environment.  For example, the principal gets transparency on major activities governing the school administration, parents are updated with the student’s homework, attendance, and talent mapping, Teachers can handle students professional well being efficiently while imparting education, The admin will update the principal on the safety, security, scholastics, and finance on a daily basis. G2 OpenBook – School ERP Software and app is specially made for schools.

What is ERP Software (ERP Software for Schools)?

The term ERP stands for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ that offers multiple applications or tools that seamlessly connects all the departments of the school so that all the information is together available into one database.

Therefore School ERP Software ensures that all the information you need is available at your fingertips

School ERP Software

Salient Features with School ERP Software – G2 OpenBook

Benefits of School ERP Software

Increased Productivity

ERP Software makes maintaining track records convenient and increases efficiency in organizing the data. The decrease in time and efforts required to track and manage the data leads to an increase in the productivity of the school.

Collaboration between Student-Teacher

ERP software is cloud-based and thus facilitates communication and collaboration of student-teacher beyond the classroom. This increases the interaction between the staff and the students.The students can interact with the teachers.


ERP Software enables managing the school in the most eco-friendly way.  As it decreases the use of paper drastically, it saves the natural resources by keeping the track of the data digitally. Eco-friendly software for schools.


Easy Access

ERP Software for Schools, This software can be easily accessed from all the time from anywhere. Hence all the data is available to everyone 24/7. Easy access and user friendly School ERP Software for schools and colleges.

Reduction in the Cost of Communication

As all the data is available on the software the communication can be done easily without the need of sending out notices and circulars about exams or other activities, which are planned to takes place in the school.

Increase in Attendance

This software allows the school to enhance the delivery of quality education thus increase in the number of enrolment of students as well as the attendance of the students in the academic year.

Enhanced Parents Awareness

The cloud-based software enables parents to keep track of their ward’s academic and co-curricular performance from time to time to time.

Workload Reduction

ERP Software allows teachers to plan their lessons and assignments and also easily send out the necessary information to the parents over the application whenever required.


ERP Software

ERP Software is a must for the efficient management of the school.Thus ERP Software reduces the cost to be incurred for communication (School ERP Software ).

Benefits of School ERP Software for Parents, Teachers

Benefits of Parents

Below we can see Features of Parent App for Communication

  • Communicate with Teachers of the class through the timeline
  • Newsletters
  • School Management App is designed for School Management & Teachers.
  • Transport Details with Pick & Drop Timing- Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Leave Application
  • Unique Advertisement Feature
  • Canteen Wallet and Contact Details
  • Student Attendance
  • School Calendar & Timetable
  • Timeline
  • Assignment Viewing with submission report monitoring
  • View and Download Report Card
  • Library Transactions Including Issued, Returned and Overdue Books
  • Parent App,  Teacher Apps & School Apps in India and many more
Parent App
School ERP Software for Teachers

Benefits for Teachers

G2 OpenBook app is specially designed for Teachers and Parents. It’s very easy to use and communicate from anywhere.

  • Class Students List
  • Marking Student Attendance
  • Upload the Lesson Plan
  • Assignment allocation to Class-Section
  • Circulars & School Calendar
  • Timeline
  • Reduce work and time with Teacher App
  • Celebrating Birthday
  • Events in School
  • Teacher & Parent Communication App
  • Student Leave
  • Applying for Leave
  • Image Gallery
  • Notice board
  • Notifications
  • and many more

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