Mobile App for Schools – G2 Open Book 

G2 Open Book – Mobile App for Schools is a communication and networking tool that seamlessly connects important stakeholders of child education that is Principal, Teachers, Admin, and Parents to build an integrated learning environment. G2 Open Book – Mobile App for Schools is specially designed for Parents, Mangement and Administrations

The G2 OpenBook PARENTS APP enables effective Parents and Teacher Communication through the timeline. Therefore, they are knowledgeable about their ward’s academic and co-curricular activities and can keep track of his/her performance and growth through assignment submission report monitoring and downloadable report cards.


The G2 OpenBook TEACHER APP enables teachers to upload the lesson plan and allocate assignments. Additionally, the teachers have access to the school calendar and are notified about various circulars and events taking place in the school. It allows teachers to easily communicate student’s performance and progress in the class through the timeline. Therefore ensuring quality education and skill development of students in their class.


The G2 Open Book PRINCIPAL DASHBOARD enables the principal to have access to the list of teaching and non-teaching staff, list of all students, and lesson plan of each Teacher, school calendar.

In all, this school management application makes administrating and managing the school very easy.

Mobile App for Schools

Mobile App for Schools


Dedicated Mobile App for Schools, Teachers, Parents


Admin Portal


This school management application is an App for Schools in India.

It gives Admin access to all the crucial information, which is required for effective administration and management of the school.

The admin of the school has access to the information like class wise Students list, teaching and non-teaching staff list along with a list of various vendors, attendance and leave management, lesson plan of each teacher to assignment allocation class-section wise, school calendar & much more through the admin portal.


Salient Features Of G2 OpenBook – Mobile App For Schools

G2 OpenBook is an application designed for the Schools, to enhance the communication between School Teachers and Parents.

Some of the major features of G2 OpenBook – Mobile Application for schools are,

School-Parent Communication Application

Android and IOS mobile application along with web platform

Online School Payment Gateway

Online school payment gateway integration from this school app for parents

Unlimited Notifications

Unlimited notifications about curricular and extracurricular activities and events are sent to school app for parents and teachers.

SMS Alerts

Unlimited SMS Service with G2 Open – Book School App. 


Highly customizable mobile application for schools.

Unique Revenue Feature for all Services

Free installation, software updates & database management

 School Bus Tracking

School bus tracking enabled in school application for parents and teachers.

Online Report Card

The online student report card is made available in this school app for parents.



Features of Parents App


Below you can see Features of Parent App

  • Easy communication with teachers of the class through the timeline
  • Newsletters
  • Transport Details with Pick & Drop Timing & Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Leave Application
  • Unique Advertisement Feature
  • Canteen Wallet and Contact Details
  • Student Attendance
  • School Calendar & Timetable
  • Timeline, Mobile app for Parents
  • Parents App and Teachers App
  • Assignment Viewing with submission report monitoring
  • View and Download Report Card
  • Library Transactions Including Issued, Returned and Overdue Books

Parents App

Parents App


Features of Teacher App


This Teacher App is useful to reduce  work, Time and Scheduling

  • Class Students List
  • Marking Student Attendance
  • Upload the Lesson Plan
  • Assignment allocation to Class-Section
  • Circulars & School Calendar
  • Timeline and Mobile App for Teachers
  • Reduce workload and saves time
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Events in School
  • Teacher-Parent Communication
  • Student Leave
  • Applying for Leave
  • Image Gallery
  • Notice board
  • Notifications

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