In today’s fast-paced world, proper management of time plays a crucial role in the success of any institute or company. Therefore, schools should implement a timetable management system that efficiently manages the time to provide a good learning experience to students by optimally utilizing the available resources.

What is Time Table Management Software


A timetable management system is nothing but software that automates timetable planning and scheduling of various tasks. It enables schools to not only create but also edit the timetable to rearrange multiple tasks and activities according to the requirement.

Furthermore, it allows the school administration to make the digital timeline available to the critical stakeholders of child education, which eliminates the need for printed timetables.


Advantages of Timetable Management Software


·       Facilitates Effortless Scheduling


Manual planning, scheduling, and creating timetables for the entire school as a whole and also for individual classes is a cumbersome and time-consuming process for the school management.

Implementation of timetable management software automates the whole process of scheduling and managing timetables for different courses. This enables the school management system to focus on other more critical aspects of school management.


·       Enables Efficient Scheduling


The manual process of preparing timetables may have few humans made errors here and there. However, this seemingly small mistake disturbs the whole school management system.

The timetable management software, automates the task of timetable preparation, thereby eliminating all the human errors possible. And even if the mistakes are made in any case, this timetable management software enables editing the timetable with just a few clicks.


·       Eco-Friendly


The process of preparation of timetable involves a lot of paperwork while scheduling, planning, after that printing of timetables. The timetable management software facilitates the development of a digital timetable, thereby eliminates the requirements of the paper. Hence, this timetable management system is eco-friendly to a great extent.


·       Customizing Of Timetable 


The timetable management software is so flexible that it easily fits into your school management system fits into your system. This software can be easily customized according to the requirements of your school.


·       Multilingual Feature


The multilingual feature of this timetable management software allows the school administration to create the timetable in the language that is used in that specific location.


·       Easy Payroll Management


The traditional timetable management system required the school administration to manually calculate the payroll of every faculty member, which meant going through various spreadsheets, and records.

Timetable management software makes managing the payrolls an easy task as it evaluates the number of working days and the lectures delivered by the teacher within just a few clicks.


·       Facilitates Monitoring Through Reports


This software facilitates monitoring of the school activities by generating monthly reports, which states the leaves taken by various faculty members, substitutions assigned whenever required, and total working hours of every faculty member.

This monthly report makes it convenient for the school administration to assess the remuneration of all the staff members.

If your school administration is struggling with old traditional timetable management methods, then it is time you adapt to the school timetable management system.

It not only makes it convenient for the school management to manage various tasks but also ensures a better education for the students.

To implement the smart and efficient school timetable management system by G2 OpenBook that streamlines the complex task of planning and creating an efficient timetable, contact us now.


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