Technology has brought about a change in all industries and therefore a similar change in the education sector is inevitable.

 The increase in the use of technology has changed the manner in which education is provided. Here are some of the ways in which technology has changed education, 


Ways in which Technology has Changed Education 


  • Online Learning 


The provision of online courses has facilitated students to learn at their own pace. How Technology has changed education Technology has made it possible for students to learn from anywhere anytime.

This gives students an opportunity to learn at a varying pace, according to their own ability and the amount of time that they can put in towards learning. 


  • Increasing Accessibility


The technology has made education easily accessible as compared to how it was a decade ago. Now anyone can access the educational courses, through the facility of online learning. These days most of the institutions of higher education offer a number of online courses to the students. 

Therefore, technology has removed all the geographical barriers that gave limited access to education. 


  • Facilitates Communications Between Teachers And Parents 


Before, the teachers and parents had to rely on physical parents-teacher meetings solely to interact with each other. However, they are no more dependent on physical meetings as school management software like G2 OpenBook has facilitated communication between teachers and parents. 

The physical meetings between teachers and parents are vital, but technology has provided various means by which teachers and parents can connect on a real-time basis. 


  • Efficient Online Assessments


Technology facilitates educational institutions to assess the performance of their students online and thereafter-online report cards can also be issued.

Apart from the convenience of the flexibility of e-assessments, they are believed to be highly efficient and impartial. This effectively saves time, money and other resources of the institutes. 


  • Ongoing Learning


In today’s knowledge-driven world, one has to keep on learning new skills all the time and hence learning has become the inseparable part of one’s life.  

How Technology has changed education Similarly, the ever-changing scenario at the workplace and cut-throat competition, force people to acquire new sets of skills continuously. Therefore, technology has made learning an ongoing process. 

Hence, we can conclude that technology has influenced education in various ways and undoubtedly has profound positive effects on education.

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