Top 10 Features Of Highly Efficient Student Information System


Student Information System (SIS) is a web-based application software that is designed to offer an environment for conducive and structured information exchange thus integrating students, parents, teachers and the administration of a school or college. 


In this article, we will be discussing the top 20 features of a highly efficient student information system, 


 Features Of Student Information System 

  • Cloud ERP


The cloud-enabled student information system is in huge demand in the educational institutions to store and manage all data so as to save time and optimally utilize the resources. 


  • Demographics Of Students 


This feature of the student information system provides basic details of the student. In addition to that, it also gives information about the academic progress of the student along with performance in the co-curricular activities. 


  • Contact Information


It provides both primary as well as secondary addresses of the students. The details about the guardians can be readily found with the help of the student information system. Features Of Highly Efficient Student Information System.


  • Automates Admission Process


This school management software effectively automates the process of admission and recruitment. This enables the school management, to easily track the applications for admission and recruitment. 


  • Automates Attendance


The automation of the attendance of the students in the classroom makes it a hassle-free task for the teachers. This further ensures that they can now give more emphasis on imparting quality education to their students. 


  • Online Report Cards 


The student information system also facilitates tracking of the student’s performance by making online report cards available. 


  • Scheduling


It ensures that the important stakeholders of child education are well informed about the timetable of the school and the schedules of various lessons for each class. 


  • Library Management


The student information system allows the librarian to view borrowed books; books on hold and requested books. Along with that it also enables them to renew membership and calculate the fine if any. 


  • Notification System


Educational institutions can send important notices and announcements to students, teachers, staff, and parents via Email, SMS and Messaging.


  • Transport Management


According to the given home address in the Student Information system, the school can manage student transport taking into consideration timing and all the other necessary details.


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