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“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

The “Community Apps – GoodGang” is an exclusive, invite-only exclusive network of members that consist of dynamic urbanites seeking a meaningful experience of life. In “Community Apps – GoodGang” acronym, “Good” denotes superior quality referring to people who hold themselves to a higher standard in life. They come together from all walks of life, from business to fashion, from social activism to artists, and seek to leverage the diversity of the forum through dialogue, challenges, and adventures.

The “Community App – GoodGang” builds upon Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as it creates a Work Hard, Party Hard, Does Good culture. Members engage in smaller gangs but are part of a larger city-wide circle that connects through organized events such as talks by eminent speakers, panel discussions, engaging outings, and social impact programs. The concept of Local Community Apps – GoodGang is executed in a manner designed to help each person find a more fulfilling role while being supported and supporting strangers that over time become partners – whether professional or personal. Community Mobile App It is particularly interesting to note that members are admitted to the criteria of diversity as the forum encourages a variety of applicants.

It is a matter of privilege to be a member of the “Community AppsGoodGang” but members are conscious of their exclusivity and pledge to utilize this to serve the communities they live in. It derives from our belief that most people have an innate desire to do good but are hindered by other obligations, paucity of time and lack of knowledge as to how best to contribute. The “pay it forward” aspect of this network is a unique differentiating factor from other networks that exist.


Other key differentiators include:-

– Tech-enabled connect through a unique platform
– Access to special events or products at negotiated rates
– A democratic system of functioning

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Community App - GoodGang

Community Mobile App – GoodGang

GoodGang is an App for Community

Local Community Apps – GoodGang App

The Mobile App users will have access to exclusive events, workshops, meetings and parties in the best locations in the city! A unique insight into the interests, hobbies, passion, and profession of fellow GoodGang members and users of the application. Best Community App With an easy to use interface the users will have a choice of using the platform as a networking opportunity which will be facilitated by Community App – GoodGang Team through the organization of events, workshops, talks, get-togethers and parties in the best locations of the city.

Community App for Events, Groups


Community App will organize events based on its members’ common interests, which they will be notified about on the GoodGang mobile application. Hiking, architecture, yoga, permaculture, gaming, architecture, no matter where your interest and passion lies, being a part of GoodGang and a user of GoodGang will give its users an opportunity meet a fellow hiker, a fellow gamer and a fellow artist with the same level of passion!

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