Refund Policy

At Gogen Network pvt ltd , our Refund Policy is based on standardized practices that strictly follow industrial norms. We put up with fair assessment practices and all the refund claims are processed with vigilant parameters to make sure the decisions are justified and mutually agreeable. Our policies are treated with appropriate measures to settle different claims, originating from different assortments of needs and various business situations.

Delivery Policy

Your delivery policy is important to us. Gogen Network pvt ltd and its group companies (‘Gogen Network pvt ltd,’) is committed to respecting your delivery policy while using our website. This Gogen Network pvt ltd Data delivery policy (“Policy”) defines the requirements to ensure compliance with the applicable data delivery policy and regulations applicable to Gogen Network pvt ltd collection, use, and transmission of Personal Data and Sensitive Personal Data for information collected by us about you. Protecting the delivery policy rights of data subjects and safeguarding their Personal Data is now being treated as a basic right of an individual and a legal requirement in many parts of world. Gogen Network pvt ltd, being a global organization, respects the delivery policy of data subjects and is committed to complying with the applicable data privacy laws and legislations other applicable delivery policy laws to the extent that they apply to G2circle data processing and business operations.

This delivery policy Notice applies to processing of personal data that is collected, which means information about an identifiable individual (“you”), that Gogen Network pvt ltd, its affiliates and subsidiaries (“Company”, “we” or “us”) collect through our website (“Tool” or “website”) about applicants or freelancers like you, current or former employees, contractors (collectively “Applicants”). It also describes your data protection rights, including your right to object to some of the processing that Gogen Network pvt ltd may carry out. More information about your rights and how to exercise them, is set out in the Your Choices and Rights section below.

Shipping Policy

Gogen Network pvt ltd, its subsidiaries and branch operations here in after referred as ‘Gogen Network pvt ltd’, ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ is committed to respect your Shipping Policy and choices. The Shipping Policy statement highlights our Shipping Policy practices regarding Personal Information that we collect and process depending on your association with Gogen Network pvt ltd and nature of processing activity in compliance to applicable data privacy regulations. Website Privacy Statement: This privacy statement highlights our privacy practices regarding Personal Information that we collect and process about you through this website, (the “Site”) and also for those Personal Information that you provide us while participating in our events.

Cancellation Policy

Gogen Network pvt ltd (“Gogen Network pvt ltd” or “the Company”) values your cancellation and is committed to protecting your Personal Information. This cancellation Statement explains how we process, store, share, and protect the Personal Information that you provide when you use our products and solutions, our website (the “Site”), or otherwise interact with the Company. For the purposes of this cancellation Statement, “Personal Information” means information that relates to you as an individually identifiable person, such as your name, e-mail address, and mobile number. Alternative formats of this cancellation Statement are available to individuals with a disability. Please contact for assistance.


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