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About G2 OpenHouse – Community App

In today’s world, there are Community App for your personal sharing, another app for socially connecting worldwide and also one app for business networking. Every person we meet or every place we go, there is an immense scope of learning and potentially gaining from their knowledge. What if we had all this in just one app? We believe in making life easier, by collaborating all these important features in one app. You can now have a select team with more effective members to connect within the Community, build a great network and also interact with them by sharing your common interests.

Our belief for a Community App

  • A Community is a cluster of people, living within a contiguous small area, who share a common way of life.
  • This definition is losing ground as geographical boundaries are blurred and an individual has many different interests, talents, vocations, etc.
  • Community App is actually a big part of you and everything you do is associated with it. A community is where one grows up continuously and learns important life lessons.
  • A community is thus known by its beliefs, culture, style, food habits, dress, tradition, specific rituals, religion, activities, unique response to situations, garnering support for a cause, sporting activities and gradually community life expands with the creation of different socio-economic, cultural and political relations among the people.
  • Communities build a society that is vibrant, caring and safe to live in with a good quality of life and human civilization grows and develops in the lap of communities.

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Community Apps in India Bangalore and Local Community Apps

  • This leads to the emergence of different social, political, economic and cultural institutions. As a result, full-fledged communities get created and flourishes in society.
  • In the open-source domain, the community activities do not get the right momentum as it lacks the flavor of transactions/conversations getting lost in the scroll so that all members in the community cannot revisit the topic.
  • The interest-specific domains of each individual within the community cannot get serviced as they need to go out of community and yet form another subgroup. G2 OpenHouse is an app for all communities.
  • Hence, Saksham – the unique community app that lets you bond closely within the community. Click here to build New Apps

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Mission of Community Apps

Our Mission

To provide the best tool to build strong communities through a secure internet Platform to Facilitate Networking for professional, entertainment and social work so as to let everyone maximize the power of networking.

Our Vision

To become a market leader in networking and spread the concept of G2 Circle to cement Communities in India and across the globe.


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