Many schools have adopted a School Management Software system through the usage of school management software like G2 OpenBook, the best School ERP software that enables the school to conveniently manage the seamless working of the schools that have implemented this system.

And these are the reasons why you too should use, the best school management application G2 OpenBook for the hassle-free working of your school.


·      Convenience of Recording Attendance


This school management system, allows you to streamline the task of recording and reviewing the attendance of the student. Moreover, it also allows teachers to create various attendance reports for instance according to gender, student, class, etc. Additionally, this school management system also offers an SMS feature that notifies parents if their ward is absent, this will make students think twice before skipping their classes or school.


·        Ease of Managing Home Work and Assignments


In this School ERP software, the teachers can plan their lessons to be taught, assignments and homework to be assigned in advance. The students can download the projects assigned as well as upload the completed projects for evaluation.

This way, both parents and teachers can be well knowledgeable about whether the child is completing the tasks assigned to him on time or not.


·        Better Exam Management


G2 OpenBook, a school management system stores the entire information abbot various exams to be held in the school the predefined syllabus for the exams.

After the exams are held, the teacher can evaluate the performance of their students in the exam and generate the online report card, which the parents if the can easily, download need be.


·        Hassle-Free Fee Payment


The School Management system provides a platform for the parents through which they can make the payment online in the freest way possible. Benefits of using School Management Software Along with that it also solves the issue of late payment.


·        Effective Communication


This school management application system has a feature that enables parents, teachers, and school admins to connect through, emails, SMS, or notification, thereby enhancing the quality of communication. It facilitates the important stakeholders of child education, to have effective communication in the most efficient way possible.


·        Tracks School Vehicle


G2 OpenBook allows parents to monitor the route of the vehicle, thereby ensuring the safety of the children. This guaranteed supervision of the vehicle, adds to the confidence of the parents, as the children’s safety is the school priority of the school management.


·        Assist in the Admission Process


This school management software assists in the admission process of the students by effectively managing the data of prospective students and thereby reduce the use of paper. In addition to that, it minimizes mistakes that happen due to human error or loss of data due to the loss of the documents.


·        Gives Access To Parents


This communication application for school forms a positive relationship between school management, teachers and parents. It informs the parents about the performance of students in various projects assigned to them and their overall progress in curricular and co-curricular activities so that both parents and teachers can share the responsibility of child education equally.


·        Efficient Staff Management


G2 OpenBook, the system efficiently manages both teaching and non-teaching staff and the tasks assigned to them. It facilitates attendance management, compensation calculation, leaves management, salary and much more.

Benefits of using School Management Software – G2 OpenBook, a school management system, streamline the administration and management of the school. If you are not sure whether you need a school management system or not, you can always book a free demo of G2 OpenBook, a school management application by Gogen Networks Private Limited, and see how seamlessly your school works.

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