We live in a modern era where the use of technology in each and every facet of our life is inevitable. This implies that technology has also influenced modern education. Nowadays cutting edge technology is used for imparting quality education rather than using the old traditional ways of teaching.
And the good thing is that today’s modern society has readily embraced the new educational system in which technology is used. This is because the important stakeholders of child education namely parents, teachers, and students believe that technology makes both teaching and learning interesting, convenient and hassle-free.
Now let us discuss various ways in which technology has impacted modern education.

1. Facilitates Active Learning

Normally, it is believed that technology-based education is passive, however, in reality, it is another way round. Technology-based education encourages the involvement of students to various extents. For instance, keeping notes using a cell phone or laptop is easier as compared to managing paper-based notes.

2. Convenient Assessment

In the modern learning environment, students learn using technology and thereafter engage in discussion on forums. The teachers are required to thoroughly review their performance, knowledge and discussions on the forums, in order to check whether the efforts they have put in have yielded required results or not.

Moreover, the school management software like G2 OpenBook facilitates online report card so that both parents and teachers, can conveniently track the performance of the students in curricular and co-curricular activities.

3. Magic Of Simulation

The modern classroom uses advanced technology, enabling students to learn through the simulating models. Nowadays technological tools allow creation of a virtual prototype of a model, which teaches students how it actually works in the most interactive way possible.

4. Ease Of Ongoing Interaction

The technological tools facilitate students to have ongoing discussions about their queries with their mentors or the teachers. This ease of interaction with teachers allows students to debate their views and ideas, thereby solve their queries, which deepens their understanding regarding that particular subject.

5. Effective Coaching

Teachers are no more just the instructors who come in the classroom and teach a lesson. But they support and guide their students in various curricular and co-curricular activities by providing feedback so that students are well informed and properly trained.

The modern education uses technological tools to encourage active learning through conventional or modern learning platforms. It enables teachers to mentor, discuss, and provide feedback to the students so that quality education is provided.

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