About Us

We solely believe in providing the end result of everything that is required for the phase of life. For instance, there is an app for your personal sharing, another app for socially connecting worldwide, and also an app for business networking. What if we all this in had just one app? We believe in making things easier, by collaborating all these important features in one app. You will now have selected and more effective members to connect with the community and build in a great network and also interact with them by sharing your common interests. For every place, we go or every person we meet, there is an immense scope of learning and potentially gaining from their knowledge. 

Utilize the contacts of your phone you will find solutions to what you are looking for” “Ideal utilization of one’s network will lead to ones net-worth” “It’s not important to know people but to ‘KNOW’ people”, Similarly it’s not important to hear but to LISTEN”.

Eureka Moment

Mr. Ankit Goenka, Co-Founder and Director, shares his inspirational story- On a tour of his merchants in his apparel business at Coimbatore, it dawned upon him that the NET WORK of any individual is the NEW WORTH. The idea of networking through an app would build strong communities and solve any issues.

Our Mission

To provide the best tool to build strong communities through secure internet Platform to Facilitate Networking for professional , entertainment and social work so as to let everyone maximize the power of networking.

Our Vision

To become a market leader in networking and spread the concept of G2CIRCLE to cement communities in India and across the globe.

Our Moto



The next big revolution is in Networking – the space wherein one associates safety, reliability and comfort of knowing a person opposite you. This is true in today’s world, be it in social life or professional life, on a real or digital platform, we associate values in our relationship. G2 Circle aims at providing a sustainable, functional and trustworthy platform for people with common interests.


The Torch Bearers



Mr. Santosh Goenka

Mr. Santosh Goenka

Founder Chairman

Hailing from the reputed Vipassana family, Mr. Santosh Goenka, a second-generation businessman in Apparel Industry, always had a penchant for Social work to help mankind. G2 Circle aims to take the concept of “networking for a cause” to a safe and secure level through the robust use of technology. Relationship with value is his mantra.


Mr. Ankit Goenka

Mr. Ankit Goenka

Founder & Director

After doing his graduation in Business Management with a specialization in Marketing & Finance, Ankit helped the family Apparel business reach greater heights. His belief that network and not net worth will define the way the world will do business in the future, led to the birth of G2 Circle – a unique concept of technology-enabled networking for a passion.


Colonel Sumit Basu (Retd)

Colonel Sumit Basu (Retd)

COO (Solution Architect)

A professional Soldier and a gentleman, Sumit has a wide experience of various industry verticals as a solution architect post his voluntary retirement from the Army. Technology-enabled services is his forte and networking his strength. He drives the business of G2 Circle with precision and determination to make it the next big thing.


Sujit Thakur

Sujit Thakur


With a decade long experience in IT industry he possesses strong technical and analytical skills of product backend architecture, project management and corporate communications. He takes responsibility in identifying and defining the requirements and helping to determine solutions to meet business needs or resolve business problems.


Startup Karnataka Recognized


Market Differentiator

Scope of networking must be understood and exploited like the neural networks in one’s brain. All applications in market do not holistically aim at doing this and are very product based in their approach like dating or matrimonial or professional exposure but to bring all under one roof is the G2Circle promise. We aim at bringing in all in one platform, amalgamation of professional, social and entertainment.

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