Effective communication between parents and teachers is important for imparting quality education into the young minds of students of the modern era.

However, it is one task that both parents, as well as teachers, struggle to keep up with.

This is the reason why technological tools play a crucial role in facilitating effective parent-teacher communication. These technological tools make ensure that parents and teachers are on the same page as far as child education is concerned.

Why Effective Parents Teacher Communication Is Needed


·       Keeps Everyone Connected In Loop

By keeping everyone connected in a loop, the school management apps and other technological tools ensure more involvement of parents in child education.


·       Takes Off The Pressure From Shoulders Of Teachers

These technological tools for communication allow teachers to communicate proactively with parents that too very conveniently. This implies teachers need to spend less time answering queries and concerns over email or by phone and focus more on the quality education of their students.


·       Students Find Themselves More Accountable

With parents and teachers connected in a loop, students find themselves more accountable to perform and do their best work to fulfill the expectations.

We have enlisted a few technological tools and educational apps to help you with effective parent-teacher interaction:

Technological Tools & Educational Apps for Parents Teacher Interaction


·   Remind

The biggest benefit of Remind is that it allows sending immediate and up-to-date information to anyone. This means teachers can send messages and other updates to parents, and thus interact, whether in groups or privately.


·   G2 OpenBook

G2 OpenBook is one of the best school management applications that enhance effective communication between parents and teachers by connecting them in a loop. It allows teachers to give regular updates about various activities that are to be conducted in the school and the student’s performance therein.


·   Seesaw

Seesaw allows teachers to have conversations with individual parents about their kid’s performance and progress in various curricular and co-curricular activities held in the class.

It offers more personalized and meaningful communication between teachers and individual parents.


·   ThinkWave

This is a technological tool that allows conversations in-between parents and teachers regarding grades. ThinkWave is an online grade book that keeps parents updated about their child’s progress in class.


·   EduBlogs

EduBlogs facilitates teachers by providing them the means to engage parents and students through publishing weekly or monthly blogs. These blog posts are bound to engage parents with teachers for ongoing conversations about learning.


The advancement of technology has made having parent-teacher interaction simpler, thanks to the development of technological tools and other school management applications available today.


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